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This issue of Drury Magazine examines the intertwined concepts of innovation and disruption. These topics are always timely in today’s era of near-constant change. But they are especially timely for Drury right now, as we are on the cusp of launching an exciting new academic experience in the traditional undergraduate space.

We’re calling this new experience Your Drury Fusion, and it begins in fall 2019 with our 146th academic year. Your Drury Fusion is a cohesive, universal program that guarantees every Drury student will graduate having identified the power that comes from connecting their professional and intellectual passions. It is the result of two years of work by our incredible faculty, following empirical research on what today’s students need and want in a college education. It is distinctive, and I firmly believe it will set Drury apart and make you, our alumni, proud.

Innovation is an essential component of American life. Our nation itself was born from a desire to bring forth a new way of life in a New World. Higher education in America has always relied on fresh thinking and new paradigms to prepare the next generation of leaders, thinkers and citizens. The ability of colleges and universities in the United States to adapt and change is why our system of higher education is the most respected in the world.

Disruption, however, is less common. Innovation that truly disrupts is change that cannot be ignored. It is the kind of change that leads some organizations to new heights and greater visibility – and demands that others follow or fall away.

That is the kind of change we seek at Drury today. In everything we do, we are challenging ourselves to “go beyond.” This two-word phrase started appearing on the lips of people across campus about a year ago, and we’ve since organically taken it up as our ethos. I hope you can sense this change and renewal of spirit as you read about your alma mater, and I hope you’ll continue to join us in support- ing this unique community as we go beyond the ordinary to make the Drury experience one that continues to transform lives for the better.

All my best to you.
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J. Timothy Cloyd